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Iranian food chef

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Culinary Academy Services Malaysia .

in general chef javad can be the best consultant for a restaurant management company .

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Iranian food chef

Restaurant Setup Consolatory

Chef Javad has been an Executive Chef for many years. Similarly, his experience in hospitality service training, operations and management enables him to master a full service approach to deliver advisory services, change management services, kitchen and restaurant staff integration and day to day operational management.

Most Importantly, by attending Chef Javad’s academic services you will be able to learn and become a master in middle eastern and Mediterranean cuisine and other professional culinary and hospitality services.

Some of the services includes :

  • Apprentice
  • Pastry
  • Bakery
  • Kitchen Management
  • Restaurant Starter
  • Consistency in Quality
  • Finishing

Training in All Aspects of Culinary Arts

Iranian food chef

Meanwhile, students are trained in all aspects of culinary arts, including:

  • Knife skills and using professional equipment.
  • Safety and sanitation.
  • Kitchen measurement.
  • An introduction to baking, meats and pastas.
  • Team building, organisation, marketing and interview skills.
  • Self-esteem and self-discipline building.

Therefore, join us for a Middle Eastern Cooking Class at Cook Culture. Not only this aromatic, rich, and healthy food has a history stretching back centuries but also impresses itself on other cuisines across the globe. Above all, it is exotic but quite familiar. That’s to say, you can find all the ingredients at your local store: saffron, cinnamon, nuts, lentils, rice, fresh herbs, and vegetables.

Firstly, one of the interesting points about Middle Eastern food is the play of flavours. There are lots of vibrant herbs and nuts, but the style remains very delicate. Secondly, there are no chilies, and no overuse of spices. You will be accustomed to the basic ingredients, but they will be put together in a unique way that makes each dish really spectacular.

Iranian food chef

In conclusion, our hands on cooking classes are set in a large communal teaching kitchen, which is similar to a home kitchen, just bigger! Certainly, you will learn shoulder to shoulder from the instructor along with the other guests. After you learn to make the meal, everyone will sit together and enjoy the meal family style subsequently. However, in all of our classes, other than Knife Skills, you are welcome to bring your own beverages.