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Setup Franchising Services Malaysia

Setup Franchising Services Malaysia can so special in Malaysia. you can have a good restaurant with delicious tastily . you can Setup Franchising Services Malaysia

restaurant Franchising

restaurant Franchising is kind of special restaurant in Malaysia. cost is so low and you can cost saving in restaurant Franchising.

cost saving

if you can go restaurant too much, you must do cost saving, because cost saving is so important. if you can not save your money , you confront with many problem.


chef javad is professional in cooking cuisine. fat people love cuisine and most of the time they make cuisine so delicious

about starting a new restaurant

furthermore Advice before starting a new restaurant , consult with restaurant management company.

in summary restaurant management company is one of his special skills .while Restaurant Setup Consolatory is so difficult . but javad is professional in consulting yet

after a while Culinary Academy Services Malaysia

although restaurant management company is better to be sure of having consulted the
restaurant with the chef Javad before he starts working .

Let me explain why we have a good restaurant?
A restaurant or restaurant management is one of the most complex and hardest businesses in the world today. as a result If you drive on the streets of a big city, you can almost see a restaurant that probably will not be there next year. Restaurants are often failing because of poor management and poor decision making by the restaurant owner. A successful restaurant is aimed only at satisfying customers and making the best of its business.

The rate and rate of failure in a restaurant can be enough to scare every new entrepreneur to enter this industry. Even some estimates indicate that out of every 10 restaurants, 9 of them fail in the first year. If you plan to enter a restaurant business, you should note that the life of this job is by no means guaranteed, even if you have a good investment capital to start a restaurant. However, you can ensure your success by taking tighter steps.

Having a great menu and budget can attract a lot of customers to your restaurant, but not enough to keep them. In fact, some restaurants are the victim of success and attract many customers, but they do not profit. Cost control, legal obligations and management of your turnover are just a few key factors in achieving and maintaining success in the restaurant industry.

most popular Iranian cuisine

also One of the most important points is that Javad’s cook is one of the best and most popular Iranian cuisine, which has an extraordinary ability to cook and cook.

best cooks in the world

Sometimes , some professional cooks come in to train with them, although their talent is not ineffective, but they are the best cooks in the world.

Culinary Academy Services Malaysia

in addition to ,an other things that we can say, He can do the best to adjust the Middle East restaurant set up. sometimes he can Training in All Aspects of Culinary Arts.

Even more importantly The restaurant’s consultants have a high number because of he is one of the best advisers to cook Arabic food and Iranian food .

Not only that he teach, how you can culinary by Culinary Academy Services Malaysia . In contrast in Culinary Academy Services Malaysia you can learn cooking like academy.

Certainly, starting a restaurant is a business adventure like no other. The world of hospitality is exciting and promising, but it leads to many challenges and some tough competition. If you’re considering your own restaurant startup, you need a consultant to help you with different challenges and aspects in this time consuming and complex task.

That’s to say, Chef Javad is well trained certified and experienced in this field which enables him to be a superior consultant choice for those that are willing to start their own Restaurants, Resorts, Hotels, Food courts, Amusement parks, and High efficiency Base kitchens, Industrial and Institutional Catering divisions and etc.

Some of the important aspects of setting up a new restaurant are :

    • Complete Cost Estimation

    • Consultation about different choices of cuisine.

    • Choosing a proper Name and Logo.

    • Choosing a perfect location for your business.

    • Design and preparation of interior, kitchen, bar and exterior.

    • Choosing a perfect lighting system with the minimum cost and the most effectiveness.

    • Preparation of all required hardware and devices according to the business concept.

    • Preparation of the kitchen equipment with the minimal cost and highest quality.

    • Analysis, pricing and designing of the Menu and preparation of the organizational chart.

    • Training and choosing a complete team for the kitchen and restaurant.

In restaurant setup you will be assisted right from

  • Concept Development

  • Market Study & Competition Study

  • Feasibility Study

    • CapEx Budget
    • Profit and Loss Statement
    • Identification of all resources needed- manpower, equipment
  • Pre-Opening services

    • a project schedule will be made to identify all activities that need to happen when you sign up on the lease. The project schedule will enable you to identify the critical path .
    • Help you complete your project on time.
  • Kitchen Design

    • A good and productive kitchen is needed. Using our unique methodology we will enable you to have an optimum layout for your kitchen.
    • Special attention is made on space allocation, workflow and capacity planning.
  • Vendor Selection

    • An approved vendor list is established. These vendor will support your CapEx and OpEx needs.
  • Menu Design

    • In sync with your concept a menu strategy will be established. Furthermore development of the menu will be facilitate.
  • Restaurant system and procedures setup

    • How will you run your business on a day to day basis? With you will establish and deploy which will enable you to work on the business and not in it.
    • A financial control system
    • A culinary system
    • A people alignment system
    • A new business development system.
    • An integrated view of the business is taken.